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by Julia M.
By spending just 15 minutes each day learning about yourself, experimenting with new approaches, and putting them into practice, you'll become a better version of yourself.
by Sara K.
ChangeSkillsNow supports me in building self-esteem. I've read briefs about finances and boosting confidence, it brings me surprising benefits!
by Luiz H.
Thanks to this platform, I started freelancing and earning online. I've learned about investing and selling products online. I highly recommend it for eveyone!
by Lucas P.
Great summaries of the best books on entrepreneurship. Above all, you save more money because you don't have to buy all these books. I have everything in one place :)
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On the platform you will find 15-minute summaries of popular books in the areas of investment, motivation and psychology. Additionally, we have prepared mini-courses for you in the areas of artificial intelligence and marketing, mainly graphics, copywriting and freelancing.

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On the platform, I can find a lot of materials on digital marketing, such as practical courses that help me improve my skills and earn as a freelancer. Additionally, there are super motivational books. I particularly adore our private community.
In one spot, I can learn about future work trends through courses and read books that enhance my productivity. I love it!
Thanks to the platform, I've learned how to save time in my life for things I enjoy doing. I've read over 50 books, and there's a lot to learn from each one. ChangeSkillsNow is the best investment I've made for myself.